2017 Q2 Networth and Goals Update

2017 Q2 Networth and Goals Update

When I was first starting out on the path of getting my finances together I stumbled upon the website, BudgetsAreSexy.com

J. Money was the one that got me tracking my networth. Maybe the most important thing you can do on your path through personal finance.

I’ve been tracking my network since March of 2016. I finally knew if I was making progress. Tracking your network is to help you see if what you are doing is working or not.

Adding my status update is about holding myself accountable and letting you have a little glimpse into what’s going on.


It is the end of the quarter and I have two months under my belt. I’m making the climb in the right direction. I was hoping to break 1000 views but that just comes with patience.

Blog traffic for May and June

I started this blog after meeting up with some other bloggers I met on the Rockstar finance forums. If it weren’t for them I’d still just be watching from the outside.

Where am I at financially:
-95.15 hosting
-76 PO box for emails
-15 On a Stick shirt from Target 😉
= -186.15

Eventually I hope to at least break even instead of being $200 in the hole. This is more of an experiment than anything. Seeing if I have something to say that resonates with others. I hope I can help at least one person get onto the path to financial independence.

It’s electric!

If you have read my first post you may remember I have solar panels. If people are interested I can do a deep dive into all the dirty details behind putting them up. The drama, the financing, and knowing more about electrical interference than the electrician.

Last Read Date 04/09/2017 05/08/2017 06/07/2017
Total Delivered by Customer (kWh) 300 338 364
Total Delivered by Utility (kWh) 285 240 315
Electrical Usage (kWh) -15 -98 -49
Electric Charges $13.03 $3.95 $9.29
Total Electric Charges $17.90 $8.82 $14.17

The last few months have been pretty great for us! We are on a net metering program which means that the utility buys at the same rate that we pay them. We have pushed more electricity onto the grid than we have pulled so they pay us some money.

Most months that just eats into the base charges they put on our bill but a few months out of the year we will have a credit or only pay them a few dollars!

Year to date solar production

You may also remember I turned down the chance to buy a Tesla for a Nissan Leaf because I didn’t want to send my family back into debt.

Car cost breakdown

Looks like we can easily say the Leaf gets us $ 0.03 per mile and the Camry is running at $0.07 (chart has gas at $3.20 but I guess it is $2.20. shows how much I pay attention) However that doesn’t include the cost of oil that the Camry needs and the Leaf doesn’t.

Ms. Blue Ribbon didn’t need to drive her car as much last month because of baby 2 being born. She did drive the Leaf for the first time though! We’ll see if she drives it to work when she goes back and I go on paternity leave.


Wow we had a busy quarter!

Woot! We had a baby, finished the laundry room (finally after 2 years), maxed out the HSA and set Ms. Blue Ribbon on track to max out her Roth.

Goals status as of 2017 Q2

Don’t have much for goals for the rest of the year. Perhaps we should find some stretch goals. Have any ideas? I was thinking about putting in a garden to grow some fruit.

We have a cherry tree and raspberry bushes and those are slightly living…


And now the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Networth breakdown for 2017 Q2

We didn’t see much for change.

We have been saving like crazy to compensate for Ms. Blue Ribbons unpaid maternity leave and my partial paid paternity leave (yeah I don’t get it either).

Saw some decent returns on the market but otherwise not much movement here and the cars are finally starting to go back down in value after 5 months of increasing!  Supposedly there was a used car shortage and that’s what made both cars go up in value. All in all not bad for only buying the Leaf for $9000!

I expect our networth to stall out for the rest of the year as we start pulling money out of savings.


Not too bad of a quarter! Busy, busy, busy. Looking forward to a quiet second half of the year.

How did you do this quarter? Have any stats you want to see more of? How about the solar panels? Can you think of some good stretch goals for us?

14 thoughts on “2017 Q2 Networth and Goals Update

  1. Yes, I’d like to hear about the solar panels. Why you decided to do them, what you went with, what your expected savings are, etc.

    Other goals – How about saving for your next vacation or paying more towards the mortgage, or saving for a trip to FinCon? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your update!

  2. We are likely going to be downsizing our house in the next 6 or 7 years; so I’m going to skip solar panels on this house. However, I’m definitely going to consider them whenever we settle down into another permanent house. So a post on the solar panels would be nice.

    In regards to a stretch goal, how are you doing on your 401(k) contributions?

  3. I love your low energy costs in solar panels and with a Leaf. Please talk more about your solar panels! I can’t wait for the Tesla Tiles to come available, as my dream would be to have a Model 3, Solar Tiles, and a Powerwall in my home…..

    Love all the investments you have with the 529, retirement, and HSA. Seems like you are on an awesome path, along with avoiding potential debt (Tesla, one day though)

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Great summary Mr. BudgetOnaStick – State Fair season is fast approaching!

    I need to look into solar panels, I keep hearing the cost is dropping so it might make more sense for us (can you shoot me a note or a post with the company you used in MN?)

  5. In my state, if you generate more than you use, you get a credit, but if you have a credit at the end of the anniversary year, it disappears. Of course if you have a balance due, you get to pay it. So I’m not getting ugly, expensive solar panels if I don’t even get paid for the electricity I might generate above my needs 🙁

    1. Yeah unfortunately it doesn’t make sense for a lot of people because of their utility.
      I get comments from people who think it looks cool but I guess it has to do with your perspective.

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