An Unexpected Gift –  #actsofkindness

An Unexpected Gift –  #actsofkindness

Let me tell you the story about a young couple that had no idea what they were doing. It all started when their son was born. Some may say his hair was as red as the character from Tom Thumb Mini Donuts at the MN State Fair…

Shortly after coming home from the hospital in the dead of the night there was a cry from the small child. The parents woke with a startle…ok fine, the mother woke to a startle. The father was punched in the arm to wake up.

Anyways, the father rushed to calm the child while the mother got ready to feed the starving child. The father picked up the child and felt a soggy sleep sack. As the father peeled off the wet bag the parents were letting it sink in…they did not have another sleep sack.

What would they do? How would they keep this child warm in the cold days of March?

Being like any millennial parent they started Googling: “How to swaddle a baby?”

THANK GOD for youtube!!

Only after 20 minutes did they finally get the child in the swaddle correctly…ish.

The next day the father went on a perilous journey. Through the frightening roads where all the crazy Minnesota drivers congregate, to the glorious sanctuary called “Babies R Us.”

After combing through the sleep sack isle the dejected father decided to call the mother for guidance (too many options).

Upon hearing the distraught couple, a fellow shopper chimed in with her knowledge. Relieved, the father picked four sleep sacks, thanked the stranger, and went on his way. Only to be distracted by the clearance aisle, for the small child at home peed through the other clothes too.

To his surprise, the stranger returned to the bewildered father. The stranger offered some extra clothes her children would no longer need. Graciously the father accepted. He returned to the mother and told her of the good fortunes.

After further communication with the stranger, the father traveled off to a strange region (about 20 minutes away). He was flabbergasted by the grand gates blocking him from entering the neighborhood he wished to reach. He timidly approached the Sentry. Upon confirming his identify the father was gifted five bags full of children’s clothing. He could not believe his eyes.

Arriving home the mother and father cataloged nearly $1000 worth of nearly mint condition designer children clothes. There was much rejoicing.

The moral of the story. You will find kindness where you least expect it. We can only hope we can do this for some young scared couple.

Do you have a crazy story like this? Has a stranger ever given you something of value?


Since this wonderful random #actsofkindness, we have donated much of the clothes that we were gifted and then some. Ms. Blue Ribbon found a woman on Facebook and gave here the newborn clothes for her upcoming child. We found a local called PROP and donated the 3-6 month clothes. We still have the larger sizes since Babe hasn’t gone out of them yet.

Our minimalism lifestyle has led us to donate furniture, clothes, jackets, and kitchen items to local charities.

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28 thoughts on “An Unexpected Gift –  #actsofkindness

  1. I had to laugh when you mentioned YouTubing “how to swaddle a newborn”. The first night in the hospital, I had to ring the nurse so she could teach me how to change our son’s diaper… (I’ll blame the fact that I had a long labor!).

    This is a silly one, but recently an acquaintance and I ran into each other after a 5k run. She had won a door prize… entry into a big mountain bike race in the area (worth around $75-90 depending). She turned to me and rolled her eyes asking “you know anyone who wants a free entry to this?” Little did she know she just made my day! I had my eyes on that very race but was deterred due to the price. It was a very nice unexpected gift 🙂

    1. We had that pre-baby class and they made us practice on dolls… I rolled my eyes it. Looking back diaper a doll was harder for some reason.

      That’s pretty cool! I tend to pass things to friends before trying to sell or give to strangers.

  2. “The father was punched in the arm to wake up.”
    BAWAHAHAHHAHAHA I love this.

    Congrats on the baby clothes! That’s awesome!!! I say pay it forward after and make someone else’s day (or you know, resell on eBay is good too!)

    1. It’s crazy how much kids clothes drop in value. Curious if card have better depreciation rates.

      There is a Facebook group my wife is part of that mom’s buy, sell, and trade kids stuff. Usually better prices and safer than Craigslist

  3. We also were fortunate enough to get lightly used kids clothing. My wife neatly labeled bins based on sizes and we have used them for both kids. She also invites her friends over with newborns and toddlers to go through the bins and take what they like. I hated how much room the bins took up in my garage but have finally realized how much of a blessing they were.

  4. Oh, do I remember those swaddling days…didn’t have a clue. We went the YouTube route as well, lol. But in the end, we ended up having to buy those velcro ones. They made our lives so much easier.

  5. My wife and I are constantly on the look out for clothes for kiddos. With one here and another on the way we need as much clothing as possible. We also have had some generous neighbors drop off books and toys. But nothing like what you’re describing. Sounds like an angel showed up for you 🙂

  6. There is no swaddle in existence that JuggerBaby couldn’t escape, so I have fond memories of all the doctors and nurses attempting to wrangle zir at the hospital 🙂

    I was surprised by the generosity of bloggers who secretly nominated me to receive a Rockstar Community gift earlier this year when we hit some serious challenges with a creepy threatening neighbor, a restraining order situation, and needing to move in short order. I know that once we’re back on our feet, we’ll be contributing back to the fund to help others!

  7. Your story was heartwarming and funny 🙂 We love sleep sacks – esp for my 2 younger kids who kicks every blanket off. Also, I believe 100% in used clothing, I have been both the recipient and giver. Thank you for joining the #actsofkindness chain.

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