Time To Celebrate!

Time To Celebrate!

Today is the one year anniversary of Budget On A Stick!

I even got you flowers!wilting money

… 🙁 Fair enough

I do want to thank you all for joining me on this adventure.

When I started out I had 6 posts in the queue and no idea if I would have anything else to say or if anyone was going to read it. Fast forward to now there are 56 posts (including 5 guest posts).

What This Has All Been About

🎵”…if one kid out of a hundred million
Who are going through a struggle feels it
And relates, that’s great…“🎵
The Monster

It has been amazing to see the responses people have had to the things I’ve written and that was my main goal at the beginning of all this. I wanted to share my story of where we started and the journey along the way to where we are going. Maybe somewhere out there at least one person has been able to relate to these ramblings and realize they aren’t alone.

The journey to FI is hard. It is long and it’s stressful but if you know you aren’t alone that it isn’t so bad. Not all is bad when you think about the goal we’re all running to.

Side Effects May Include:

Writing over this past year has changed me in a lot of ways as well. I’ve noticed my writing skills have gotten better when writing new posts.

When I first started writing my wife would spend 10-15 minutes trying to read something I wrote, then we would have to work through it together for another 10 minutes (the whole time making me feel crummy) and then finally I would have something usable… more likely I would have to go back to rework the post.

The last few posts she would read them and then say, “sounds good!” :O (maybe a comma or two added)

Not too shabby for someone who dreaded going to English class in high school!

Did I Say That?

A funny by-product to all this is the fact that it has pretty much been a public journal. (almost like it is a web-log!)

Whenever I’ve hit a brick wall and start to question something about our path to FI I’ve actually been able to look back at a post or two. Almost like letters to myself to keep going! Dear future Brian, You can do it!

Time For An Upgrade

Which brings me to my last point. The next couple weeks may be a little more sporadic. I don’t get a lot of time to work on the site so I may take what is usually writing time and do some much-needed updates to the site. Pete over at Do You Even Blog took some time to go over the site and give me some pointers on how to make it easier for you all to use.

…It was not a short list…

I am so excited for the next year! I have so many more things I want to talk about and share with you all on this journey to financial independence.

According to you the greatest hits are:

My favorite has to be The Weight Of Debt. Probably the most eye-opening one for me plus I just love writing in that style as you remember from An Unexpected Gift

8 thoughts on “Time To Celebrate!

    1. Yeah I’ve heard some will go back and update or rewrite their old posts. I know others who just delete them! Maybe I’ll do a little of that too…🤔

  1. Congrats on a year! Time flys when you are having fun right. Not to mention what a good indoor hobby for those couple of cold/snowy winter months :-D. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next year.

  2. Happy blogiversary! It’s can be fun (embarassing) to go back and look at early posts and see how far you’ve come. But it also adds ‘update old posts’ to the to-do list.

    Pete took a look at my site too so I know exactly what you’re dealing with. I’ve been working my way through a few of his pointers but there is always more to do.

    Congrats again, and here’s to many more years of blogging!
    Sarah | Smile & Conquer recently posted…Why I Don’t Consider Myself Frugal

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