Bring It On 2019

Bring It On 2019

When I started my family down the path to financial Independence I knew we were playing the long game. The problem is as a human, even with us being the ones that invented the concept of time, we forget how long it can be sometimes.

I know we are making progress (tracking net worth and yearly goals prove it) and I know that we are on track for our projected FI date (another spreadsheet) so why do I feel so frustrated?

2018 was a year of nothing.

The job I have at the company I work for is amazing but when they only gave out a minor raise that year I couldn’t help but be frustrated. I felt I had worked my ass off in 2018 and didn’t get recognized for it. There was a dangling carrot of “we think you might get the promotion you’ve been wanting…soon…ish…in 2019…sometime?”


The S&P opened 2018 at 2,743.15 and ended at 2,531.94. Meaning any account increases were from contributions. I know I shouldn’t care. This is a blip on the way to FI. In the grand scheme of things 2018 is inconsequential but in my short sighted mind it hurts.

The one thing that has truly been a mess were our goals for the year. I had overly ambitious goals but thought we’d at least get somewhat close to achieving them.

It is 100% easy to do nothing than anything. -John Mulaney

That is my favorite quote that I probably use too often in my life. Probably because I’m a programmer so I see a lot of things in a binary fashion (true/false, yes/no, Marvel/DC)

Even with a sucky raise right before a major release of our project, I’m still going to work my ass off to get stuff done. It’s fuel for the fire (both for the next raise and for my fire path). Each dime in the bucket adds up and anything I can do to add more dimes I’ll do.

I could easily spend every night sitting in front of the TV watching something on Netflix. It is so easy to do but something I’ve always been interested in is voice acting. What really stuck the idea in my mind was an episode from the old M.O.N.E.Y podcast (now Afford Anything).

Recently I started working with a voice couch to get me in shape to start my little side hustle. I can’t wait to see where this goes this year.

You Are The Average Of Your Five Closest Friends

Finally, there is one thing that stands above the rest when it comes to getting through a crappy year and getting excited about the next… friends.

Keeping in touch with the local band of personal finance people keeps me going. Seeing the awesome progress of Apathy Ends, or the cool little side hustles from the financial panther gets me excited about my journey. I’m bummed that Gwen ditched us but I know she is going to kill it out in DC!

February can’t come soon enough. The new documentary, Playing with FIRE, is coming and I can’t wait to see it! I can only hope this brings more friends to the FI community.

2019 is going to be an awesome year. For me, for FI and for you!

Do or do not there is no try.

-Master Yoda

2 thoughts on “Bring It On 2019

  1. It’s nice to find your blog as a fellow Midwesterner! I don’t know much about Financial Panther, so now I’m on a mission. I follow Apathy Ends on Twitter but didn’t know they were nearby. I’m slowly piecing it together:)

    I really love Gwen too and have been following her story for a while.

    Anyhow, I feel like 2018 kind of stalled out in a few areas for us too financially since we had our little one. I also took a pay cut to work closer to home. Like you, we’re still moving forward slowly but surely. Remember that and hold onto it!

    Also, I’m into John Mulaney too. Feel free to quote him anytime!

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