The Wonders Of Cloth Diapering

The Wonders Of Cloth Diapering

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Being a grown-up is expensive. Even more expensive when you decide to have a family. The money you were so accustomed to spending on yourself is now being divided amongst those who are now in your family. This statement is true if you have a small child or a teenager. Where you spend your money changes as your family grows and as the needs of your family changes.

Figuring Out What Kids Actually Need

Starting off as a brand new parent you find out that babies need a lot of things. Some of these things are unnecessary like wipe warmers and baby shoes. While others are essential, a safe place to sleep and diapers. For us, it was easy to see some of the unnecessary items and go OK that makes sense I can never see us using that to begin with. Other items required us to really think if it was something that we were going to use and if so, how much were we willing to spend.

Advertisement and social pressure make us feel like we need so much when we only use a fraction of what we really own.

As you know from our previous posts our house has solar panels and one of our cars is electric. We try to be conscientious of the environment and how we can do our part here and there to make less of a carbon footprint. That’s where cloth diapers came to mind.

To Cloth or Not To Cloth

Mr. BoaS had a coworker who loved to research everything. She had plans on starting a family soon and wanted to be well informed on various baby products before she gave birth. One of the things she researched was cloth diapers.

Upon Mr. BoaS hearing about this, he passed it on to myself. My curiosity was peaked. I wanted to know more about this whole cloth diaper adventure. I know I had heard stories about cloth diapers from my dad and I am sure there are people reading this right now who can remember hearing about them from their parents. The words coming to your mind might be pleasant, most likely not. I can tell you that cloth diapers nowadays are very different from those 20 years ago.

Like any good consumer, Mr. BoaS and I started to look into about 3 or 4 different brands of cloth diapers. Reading all we could and trying to get a sense of what we would actually be getting into if we decided to go head first into cloth diapering. I can tell you we thought we were dead set on one brand. We loved everything about it, at least we thought we did. When we really started looking into what we would have to purchase and the style available we determined that maybe that wasn’t the brand for us.

Enter In Grovia

The Diapers of the BoaS Household

That is when we started looking at Grovia diapers. Grovia had so many nice features that took the guesswork out of cloth diapering and put those horror stories from our parents in the past. One of the best features about the hybrid style of diapers that we chose from Grovia was that it can fit a child who weighs as little as 8 lbs all the way up to 35 lbs. That is a good chunk of time for a child to be wearing cloth instead of disposables. That meant less money spent on something that would just sit in a landfill.

Another aspect that drew us to Grovia was the materials that they used. Using organic cotton, as their absorbent layer, not an unknown chemical substance that can sometimes cause a reaction to baby’s sensitive skin. Having good quality materials was important to us because if we were going to be paying an upfront cost we wanted to make sure we were getting our monies worth.

Why Use Cloth Diapers?

I can tell you right now a benefit that sometimes is overlooked by cloth diapers is that once one child is done with them they can be deep cleaned and used on the next. Not only that, once we are completely done with our cloth diapering journey we can sell them to a family ready to try cloth diapering while still recouping some of the money we spent to begin with.

Grovia also sells some other accessories that correlate to cloth diapering including some amazing wet bags. What is a wet bag you may ask? (I know I had never heard of one before having children.) It is a water-resistant bag that can be used for a variety of uses.

If you are cloth diapering it is where you can put your dirty diapers before they are ready for the laundry. If you are a mom who is pumping at work, it is a place to conveniently keep your pumping parts. A bag to organize your clothes while traveling, or an on the go bag for your child’s toys, or a wet swimsuit. I’ve also heard that some parents keep some in their cars for those unexpected car sick children. The beauty of the wet bag is that when you are all done using it you can just pop it in the wash and find another use for it.

It Isn’t As Scary As You Think

When Mini Donut was born we had to wait a few weeks for him to come back up to weight before he could fit into the cloth diapers. When that time came we were a bit scared (could have just been because we were new parents too). As soon as we made the switch cloth almost felt easier. We didn’t have to go to the store to get more and they were functionally the same as disposable.

I know some of you are concerned about using your normal clothes washer to clean these diapers. If you MUST they do have special mini washers just for cloth diapers. We ended up using our normal washing machine.

Some main things to think about:

  1. You are only washing diapers and not including other clothes
  2. Soaps and washing machines are way more efficient at cleaning than you think

As the kids get older their poop is going to get a little more solid. Cloth diaper companies recommend scrapping the poop into the toilet before washing. We did that for a while but found out that you can buy attachments for your toilet to spray the poop off. It is way easier and gets more off before throwing the diaper in the washer.

Having a child is expensive but if you are smart about your choices along the ways you can save more money than you realize.

Do you have any cloth diapering stories you care to share? Do you use a different brand? How do you like them?

6 thoughts on “The Wonders Of Cloth Diapering

  1. As frugal as I am this is something that I can’t stomach. I instead looked at the time savings of using real diapers and I got a good deal at Bj’s. I doubled up on coupons and got their brand. It worked out to be 144 diapers for just over $18. I then used my Bj’s credit card and got 5% in rewards and ten cents off each gallon of gas

  2. I am interested in cloth diapering but I am completely clueless as I don’t know anyone that is using cloth diapers for their kids.

    How many diapers do you rotate through? What other accessories do you think are necessary? How often do you need to change your baby to prevent leaks? How much did it cost to get up and running including all accessories and diapers?

    1. 14 shells, 36 inserts, Grovia butt cream (safe for Cloth diapers), and a Diaper Sprayer
      That’s it for our arsenal.
      Changing depends on a lot of things (age of the kid, time since the last feeding, etc). It can range from 1.5 – 2.5 hours.
      Start up cost is around $500 for what we have BUT that is the beauty of baby showers. We got a good amount from there and purchased some here and there.

  3. Do Good Diapers has a cloth diaper service in the twin cities. Although using the service you lose most of the cost savings but it’s easier on the kiddos skin and is better for the environment.

    1. Yeah there are a few services in the area. Our friend that lead us to Grovia uses a service.

      We didn’t find a need for it. It is really easy just to do laundry and lots cheaper.

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