The Frugal Gene – BoaS Question Series Episode 4

The Frugal Gene – BoaS Question Series Episode 4

Welcome to the 4th installment in the BoaS Question Series! The Frugal Gene was awesome enough to join us today!

1. Who are you and why are you here?

Does anyone know who they are? My name is LILY!!! I blog at The Frugal Gene. I’m here because you’re making me. I’m married to a super chill guy. We have no kids. We only have 1 dog and one bunny!

2. Did your parents talk about money? What did they include you in?

No hahahaha. They didn’t have any money. I asked my mom if we were poor like 70 times and each time she nods her head in sadness to confirm we’re poor…I would ask again because..I didn’t accept poverty as my thing.

I totally couldn’t believe when I was a wee one that we were poor. I think a lot of poor kids do that. You just hope your parents are hiding millions from you…or I was hahaha.

3. Did that help/hurt you in the long run?

Hurt. I would probably be on wall street if I was exposed to this stuff before and I was raised in a better environment. I didn’t know anything about personal finance until I was like 22 years old.

That’s pretty damn old.

I was already done with college by then. So much potential…so little awareness…boo. That’s my worst feature. I was a very late bloomer.

4. When did you start taking personal finance seriously? What was the trigger?

I paid back my student loans and started saving like crazy. By age 23, I had $20,000 saved and zero debt. That’s not bad for a bum kid! But the real trigger was when we were buying our first house. The exact timeline is a bit fuzzy because…lord-y my memory is bad…but it mightttt have been the Amazon stock my new husband was hoarding hahaha.

5. What is the most important part of personal finance to instill in kids?

If my kids are financial jackasses, I’m literally going to give ALL of my money away. I swear to you. So this is a BIG topic at our childless house. I don’t think we’re qualified to talk about it…we’re like kidless. But I told my husband I’m tolling their ass. If they don’t save 50% of their income, they’re grounded.

But I don’t think any of my kids will have trouble saving. We’re both naturally frugal. HENCE THE GENE! Best gene ever!

But the investing thing is super important. That’s just as important as saving. We’ll teach them about compound interest and the rule of 72 etc. All that stuff.

6. What’s your favorite thing to cook at home?

Spicy korean pork belly stir-fry with sesame seed leafs. Use real honey 😉 it’s better.

Oh I also like oven baked southern pork neck. Any recipe online works because it’s so simple to make and super delicious.

7. What’s your biggest financial regret?

I have a lot of small financial regrets but nothing big. I think we’ve been very good with our finances and have expedited things to this degree that it’s really set it and forget it.

8. What is your favorite thing you do to save money?

A lot of things I do earns money and it keeps me too busy to spend any money. So I end up saving more money with that principle. So easy!

9. Overall, how would you say your perspective of money has changed?

Never did I realize money could be so complicated. Money is super meta now. The poor (me before) think of money as what you can buy but richer people sees it like how free you could be if you had more and continue to grow more of it.

10. What short term or long term goals are you most excited about? Why?

I have semi-short term goals. I like to keep my entrepreneurship work anonymous though. They’re not related to money and my identity is definitely not required so there’s no point for me to out myself.

Long-term goals…eat lots of food, have a family, have my husband retire soon so he can help me with my work and be a stay at home dad haha. Also when I’m older I want to write a book, not a personal finance book, I want to try my hand at the semi-fiction.

11. What do you want to retire to?

We would like to stay in Washington state but we’re not totally sure where yet or if we’re staying put. My husband and I both hate sunlight so it’s better if we stayed somewhere foggy and depressed.

12. Any parting wisdom?

I’m 26…is there any wisdom in me? OH OHHHHH wait. Everybody should read what I wrote 6 months ago!!! It’s actually really wise if I do say so myself. If you don’t click you’re gonna regret it!

I hope you enjoyed the Q&A. If you are interested in participating let me know on the contact page or direct message on Twitter.

P.s. This isn’t limited to people with personal finance sites.

3 thoughts on “The Frugal Gene – BoaS Question Series Episode 4

  1. Great interview. I have always enjoyed Lily’s writing style. It’s so personal and written in a way that it makes me feel like she’s having an interactive conversation with me in person!

    When he semi-fiction book comes out, I would love to read it!

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