Getting To FI With Google’s Project Fi

Getting To FI With Google’s Project Fi

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Google loves to try new things constantly (something I can more than get on board with). I love when companies try things for the sake of trying even if it fails. This one is far from a failure.

I used to be on a family plan with my parents, in order to save money, but Ms. Blue Ribbon and I were getting sick of the family drama that comes with it. We were on that big RED mobile network provider that likes to verify if you can hear them but if Ms. BR and I were just by ourselves our bill would have been around the neighborhood of $80+ a month. *VOMIT*

Time to Dump Your Expensive Phone Plan

Which Carrier To Use?

I looked at other companies, the bright yellow, pinkish one, and even all the no contract ones. Nothing could come close to the $50 a month we were paying my parents for cell phones (I hadn’t heard of republic wireless yet). Then Google decided to throw their hat in the ring with Project Fi (financial independence?).

Project Fi was a no-nonsense program where they charged you a flat low monthly fee of $20 for unlimited talk and text and then you paid per every megabyte you use. Worked for me since I didn’t really use much data and neither did Ms. BR. The icing on the cake was the fact that your phone would bounce off Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks! Whichever was better in the area the phone would automatically use that one.

In order to help you save money, they will automatically connect to open wi-fi and then secure the connection so your data isn’t viewable by any hackers on that wi-fi.

Drawback of Project Fi

I was apprehensive from telling you all about Project Fi since it has a major drawback. You could only use Nexus or Pixel phones on the network (these are phones Google made). While these are great phones, the Pixel is an expensive phone. Not something that someone trying to be budget conscious may want to be spending money on. That is until last week when Google started opening up their phone line. You can now get the Moto X4 which is a more budget conscious phone.

This phone is to replace the old Nexus line which was the phones that were cheaper but by no means low-grade phones. I hope Project Fi goes the route that Republic Wireless went and increases the variety of phones so people have more options.

What I Love About Project Fi

There are so many things they are getting right with this program. I have a simple and clear bill that breaks down exactly what I was charged and why (none of those weird charges you have to call and wait for a representative to explain). They also only charge you for what you use. If you aren’t a hungry data user then you will only pay for the little you use but if there is a month where you need a lot of data then you don’t have to worry about going over your allotment.

Google Fi bill

I haven’t used this feature but I know any travel hackers will love the international pricing program. The data costs the same for almost every country and the calling prices are very reasonable (plus free texting because seriously who makes a phone call anymore if they can help it).

The icing on the cake is why I am bringing them up to you. Have you ever had to call any carrier to troubleshoot an issue with your phone? It can be hell! You will likely sit on hold for 15 minutes or more, explain who you are, what problem you are having, go through countless troubleshooting processes for them to maybe replace the phone but more likely tell you to call the manufacturer or insurance provider you signed up with when you bought the phone.

My phone decided it was done with me and everything I stood for so it started restarting and didn’t stop until I forced it to shut down. I logged onto my Project Fi account, hit the chat button and 10 minutes later the representative had a new phone ordered and expected to be delivered the next day.

Is Project Fi right for everyone? No, there is no one-size-fits-all to anything but it is definitely an option and one I suggest you take a look at.

If you do have to learn more check out this link. You will get a $20 credit and so will I.

What carrier do you use? Do you like them? How much are you spending for how many people?

15 thoughts on “Getting To FI With Google’s Project Fi

  1. So much yaaaaaassss!! We’ve been on Google Fi for over a year and absolutely love it. I had Verizon and hubs had AT&T. Collectively we were spending $250+ a month on our phone bill.

    I admit it cost money to get started with Fi to buy their phones. After the upfront cost, though, we’ve more than made our money back. We now spend about $50/month for our two phones for the same service.

  2. We’re on Verizon right now for 2 lines, unlimited (and a phone payment on one, contract on the other) is like $184 a month. It makes me sick 🙁

    Phone’s paid up and contract done in March. At that point we’ll move Kristin to an Unlimited plan there (she uses like 12-14GB of data a month…no idea how) and I’m going to get Fi (I use about 1GB a month, maybe)

    It’ll end up being cheaper – not by as much as I want but I’m struggling to find a good data plan that’ll work for my wife lol

      1. yeah I have wifi pretty much everywhere. The only times I’d use cell data would be on my commute, if I was listening to music or something. But typically I’ll download a podcast to listen to and do that instead.

        Going to have to research the Moto X4 (as opposed to the Pixel 2 which I was planning on getting) when it comes time to make the switch.

  3. I had the bootloop issue on my Nexus 5x. It was super annoying…but Google replaced it.

    I have been wary to switch from our AT&T plan. My wife has an iPhone and doesn’t want to switch to Android, so Project Fi wouldn’t be the best option for us. I have been considering Cricket or Republic though.

  4. I’ve been a Republic Wireless user for a few years now, and love it, but Google Fi seems to be pretty comparable, and I know a lot of folks who like the service. My Republic phone recently died, and I was considering moving over to Fi – the only thing that kept me from going was that the cost was slightly more than Republic, and they didn’t have any super affordable phones at the time. It helped that Republic offered a reduced price phone to do a review on my site as well, but I think Fi is definitely a great option for a lot of folks. I honestly think most people don’t even realize that these lower cost services are even out there, and they continue paying $100+ a month for service when the Google Fi and Republic Wireless of the world even use the same networks as the big dogs. Go figure.

    1. Yeah republic has a great selection now which includes Fi’s phones but when I started my search they both had bad phone selections and I wanted a Nexus since it was the only way to get pure Android.

      1. Yeah, having stock Android is the way to go. The Motorola phones from Republic have an experience that’s pretty close to the stock Android, with a few modifications. I love it, even if it doesn’t get updates as fast as the stock Nexus phones.

  5. We both have Tracfones since we dont use the phones that much.

    I have $89 Samsung Tracfone from QVC that includes a new phone and 1 year of service. It comes with 1350 mins, 1350 texts and 1.35GB of data. The phone is triple mins for life. When I run out of mins, it would cost $99 for 400mins which is really 1200 mins, 1200 texts and 1.2GB of data for 1 year. Hey, when my year is up, I can just buy another phone from QVC or HSN for about $100 for a new phone and another year of service instead.

    Wife has an iphone 7 and a BYOP Tracfone smartphone plan for $125 for 1 year. It comes with 1500 mins, 1500 texts and 1.5GB of data.

    With Tracfone, unused mins, texts and data rolls over when you renew for another year. You cant beat $235 combined including sales tax for both phones for the entire year.

    The only issue is that Calls must originate from the U.S! Since we are not traveling overseas yet this is not an issue.

    When I retire in 2 years, I will consider that one of us gets a Google FI phone for international calling when we take a world cruise. It is just a pain to be locked into a special phone that is able swtich between two carriers in order for FI to work. I have 3 friends that have the Google FI phones and they luv saving so much money each month!

    I also looked into Boom Mobile. BYOP and $25 for unlimited voice and texts and 1GB of data. $30 for 2GB. NO taxes! With certain phones like an iphone you can have a hotspot with V which is a nice feature.


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