Making Side Cash With Job Spotter

Making Side Cash With Job Spotter

Before I start I just want to say that I do NOT get any money of any kind from for this post. This is just me trying to help you 🙂

For the last few years, I have always been on the lookout for decent and passive ways to make side cash without having to do a lot of effort. I’ve done the Amazon MTurk (so not worth it) and all the survey sites you can imagine. All of them have had a crazy high time to low reward until I stumbled upon Job Spotter!

What is Job Spotter?

Job Spotter is an app you install on your iPhone or Android device and take pictures of help wanted signs. It is owned by (you may have looked for jobs on their website) and they use it to help add job postings to their website (crowdsourcing FTW).

For each posting, you take a picture of the sign, then the picture of the storefront, and hit submit.

Easy. Peasy.

They will usually review in within a few minutes and credit your “wallet” anywhere between 5 point and 100 points. Each point is 1 cent towards an Amazon Gift Card (almost as good as cash).

Each month Job Spotter has a leaderboard where the top three people get big bonuses! (If you ever get close to those people I want to hear from you!!!!)

How Much Can I Actually Make?

HA! More than a passive blogger!

job spotter leaderboard

What is crazy are the people that are 13 days into the month and have gained over $700!!! Not to mention the people in the top spot get an extra $300. Second gets $150 and third $50.


In 15 days I’ve submitted 34 entries and made $10.24! Not bad for just passively walking around the mall or looking at the storefront as I walked into a restaurant!

Most of my earnings have come from four different days. The first was when we went to Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America. I had forgotten about the app until Ms. Blue Ribbon pointed to a store and said: “Now Hiring.” (A game we like to play which takes a jab at a relative) Took a quick picture and submitted. As we were leaving the mall I walked by four other stores with signs making a total of $1.02.

That weekend we went to the local mall and as Mini Donut was getting his haircut I walked around the first floor with Babe. 9 stores for $3.25!

Finally, I had to pick up groceries before getting the kids and the store happened to be in a strip mall. With some time to kill (want to make sure the kids get a snack before picking them up), I walked around to get 6 stores adding $2.34.

previous submissions

Optimal Usage

The definitely value more obscure stores. I’ve gotten big hits from a local hardware store, local grocery store, a My Pillow store, and kiosk shop.

This isn’t enough money to justify going out to actively search for signs but if you are already by a store and see the sign it is worth taking a moment to skip over and snap a picture.

I would say strip malls and regular malls are going to net you some decent money. If you are there you may as well be on the lookout.

If you bike to work or go out for walks near some stores then this is the app for you!



  • Passive
  • Pays well
  • Doesn’t use much data


  • Amazon Gift Card and not cash
  • Could be spending your time doing something better
  • Probably not going to make much off it


DO NOT go out of your way to do it. Defeats the passive aspect and isn’t paying enough for that. It is great for beer money or allowing you to go out for lunch an extra time a month.

Do you use the app or plan on installing it? Know of any other killer apps to make side cash?

3 thoughts on “Making Side Cash With Job Spotter

  1. Very cool. All sorts of stuff like this in the gig economy.

    Also lets Indeed provide tracking info on you and the stores you are near, so they can send marketing stuff to your phone (if you like that kind of thing).

    Thanks for sharing. I will have to consider this

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