Money Map

Money Map

Welcome!! After you are done reading this make sure you check out my updated Money Map!

Time is a wonderful thing isn’t it? It will speed along when you least expect it. You will eventually see the magic that is compound interest. Auto-payments will stack up, sooner or later there are accounts everywhere and you can’t remember them all.


A long time ago I was in the dark when it came to a lot of things: budgets, net worth, and money-maps.

Back in the beginning of learning about personal finance there was one post that made me really think. 5 easy steps to map our your money flow

A money map. Think of it as a treasure map but with multiple X’s and the treasure chests keep getting bigger.

A money map is simply a chart that shows you where all your money is coming in and going out. The more boxes you have the more complicated you are making your life. You don’t even need to be fancy with yours. In fact, until this post mine was just text! Below is the steps I took to create my own money map.

Building Your Own

  1. You start by charting out where your money comes in from. This can be paychecks, side hustles, anything that provides a source of regular income.
  2. Add the bank accounts that money is sent to. We have two different banks with multiple accounts in each.
  3. Where does the money go from there? You may add credit cards, auto withdrawals for utilities or retirement accounts.
  4. *Extra credit* Put in which bill gets pulled or changed to from which account.

Mapping the flow of money

I was updating our money map for this post when I realized how complicated ours is but it works for me. I know there are two accounts with money coming and going. Those two serve very specific purposes.

We have one checking account that is only for saving money (ie retirement and college). The other checking account is only for spending money. I didn’t even realize this until after I made te money map. This is also a modified take on Two checking account system.

Do you have a money map? How do you track your money’s flow? Do you include anything else within your tracking?

Join the Chain Gang

Apathy Ends and I hope you join other bloggers and create your own Money Map.

  1. Write a post in which you create your own map, explain how you did it, and talk about anything you discovered about your finances using the map.
  2. At the bottom of your post link back to the other bloggers before you in The Chain.
  3. When you tweet out your post tag the other bloggers. (You may have to do a few replies to your post as the chain gets bigger)
  4. Try to keep your list of chain members up to date. This helps encourage others to keep their back-links up to date and in turn helps you.

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I hope to see your map!

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59 thoughts on “Money Map

  1. Oh, interesting. This is the first I’ve heard of a money map, so thanks for featuring it. We budget like hell, but I do love this visual representation so you can understand where your money goes every month. Hmmmm.

    1. It comes in handy since budgets are just what you are spending money on. I’ve talked to others in the past and was surprised they hadn’t heard of it. Glad I’m blowing people’s minds!

  2. Thought I was the only one who did this. Every few months or so I’ll make one when I feel like something may be off with my finances. After I finish the visual (usually paper and pencil) I’ll usually transfer to an excel spreadsheet.

    I enjoy paper and pencil because I can quickly do a brain dump.

  3. I love this concept and was planning on doing it when I highlight on my blog how my wife and I are structuring our finances after we got married a few weeks back. I’d not heard it called a Money Map before but I may steal the concept – don’t worry I’ll link back here if/when I do post that! 🙂

    Makes it so much easier to see where stuff is going if you’re a visual person.

  4. I don’t have a money map, but I do remember Apathy Ends writing about the idea a while ago. I thought it was interesting and might be a worthwhile exercise, particularly if you’re working on getting a handle on your money. Mine would be so complex that I would need a giant Visio diagram, and it would look like an architectural drawing before I was done. 🙂

  5. I need to do one of these for estate planning to explain it to my spouse. I tried using an infographic app but this looks way simpler.

  6. I love the money map. What program did you use to do the map…Google Drawing? I “Googled” it but didn’t find anything.

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  8. Thanks for firing this up, BoaS! I was a bit late getting mine out there, but I couldn’t resist getting in on the chain gang thing.
    Noting your internet expense- are you eligible for USI Fiber? I can’t wait to get ours…

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